2015    Taliban Ideology report - A long report for the Afghanistan Analysts Network (Kabul) on the Taliban’s ideology and its development since the 1970s. This is based on the documents collected as part of the Taliban Sources Project (see below) along with a series of interviews with participants in the Taliban’s government and the subsequent insurgency post-2001.

2014-    Sources and Methods - A fortnightly podcast I co-host together with Matthew Trevithick interviewing leading scholars, writers and thinkers on research methodology. See sourcesandmethods.com.

2014    Chatham House report - Entitled “Rebooting a Political Settlement: Engagement and Mediation After the Afghan Elections”, this report was workshopped at a seminar in Oslo prior to release. It was co-authored with Felix Kuehn and was an attempt to map out a possible way forward for political engagement with the many actors in Afghanistan, whether international, domestic or non-state militants.

2014    Expert Witness for a case tried in the USA - A report commissioned by a judge passing sentence on two individuals whose story intersected with Afghanistan. This was co-authored with Felix Kuehn and Leah Farrall and played a key role in explaining the complicated context behind the cases of Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmad.

2013   Senior Fellow, Syria Research and Evaluation Organization (SREO) - Advising on strategic direction of the organisation and advising the Director of Research on research priorities. See sreo.org for more information.

2012-2015    Taliban Sources Project - A major initiative to index, digitise, translate, and distribute a landmark collection of Taliban documents estimated to contain more than 2 million words of text. The TSP collection is one of only a few such private document archives in existence, and is the only collection to amass documentary evidence of Taliban cultural, social and legal output for the years 1979-2014.

2012-    First Draft Publishing Berlin - Co-founder of a project that seeks to preserve primary source texts and commission new books from up-and-coming authors. We work extensively with authors writing in Arabic, Dari and Pashto from the Middle East and further afield.

2012    ‘Chechens in Afghanistan’ Project - Data visualisation of all reported instances of Chechens fighting in Afghanistan, 2005-2012. Researched and coded data set for presentation on the web. See chechensinafghanistan.com.

2012    NYU Report on Taliban Education Policy - A genealogy of the Taliban’s attitudes towards education from the 1980s up until the present day, based on new written primary source material as well as interviews with Taliban figures and those who were involved in forming their education policy. (Unpublished/Internal).

2011-2012    AHRC Report on Taliban Strategy - This was a report commissioned by the UK Cabinet Office and King’s College London on the Taliban’s strategic intentions.

2011    ISAF Press Releases Report - A database project in which I read (and added/coded into a database) over 4000 press releases from ISAF in Afghanistan, analysing the resultant data set for trends relating to the military targeting campaign against opposition groups and fighters. It was published by the Afghanistan Analyst’s Network.

2009-2011    An Enemy We Created / NYU Report - Examines the relationship between the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaeda since the 1970s. Originally commissioned by the Center on International Cooperation (New York University), this was later expanded into a critically-acclaimed book-length treatment published by Hurst (UK) and Oxford University Press (USA).

2008-    PhD (King’s College London) - Seeks to explore the evolving identity of the Taliban movement through its history, mainly through a translation and exploration of the primary sources relating to the movement which have not thus far been given a proper airing. I will submit my dissertation to the War Studies Department of King’s College London in early 2016, where Anatol Lieven is my first supervisor.

2008    ‘Talking to the Taliban’ - Helped subtitle videos of around 40 interviews with Taliban members that were the centrepiece of Graeme Smith’s Emmy award-winning project, “Talking to the Taliban”.

2007-2009    Caged Bird - This was a collaborative project with an Afghan NGO. I translated the poems of a young Afghan poetess from Dari into English, and edited some of the stories that they provided as well.

2007-2010    My Life With the Taliban - This was the autobiography of former Taliban minister Mullah Abdul Salam Zaeef. As co-editor, tasks included interviewing the subject, cross-referencing his account with that of his peers, as well as researching the background to each event described. It was published by Hurst (UK), Columbia University Press (USA), Hachette (India) and others.

2006-2012    Poetry of the Taliban - The Taliban’s website includes a large number of poems, which were translated and edited for this book, published by Hurst (UK), Columbia University Press (USA) and Oxford University Press (Pakistan).

2006-2009    AfghanWire - A research organisation and media-monitoring group set up to improve awareness of the wide range of issues and opinions relating to Afghanistan through a newsletter and informational database, both available free to the general public and scholar/policy-maker alike.

2005-    ‘The Still Point’ - Ongoing book project relating to the presence of Sufi jihadism in Somalia, Iraq, Chechnya and Afghanistan. Have made trips to Somalia and Afghanistan (and other places), but lots more work to be done.