What I'm Doing Now:

I am currently in Berlin, finishing off my PhD.

This is my top (my only?) priority right now. I've been putting it off for too long.

I have a number of other side projects I'm working to complete on the side, when time allows. These include:

  • a publishing house, First Draft Publishing. I edit our upcoming books and work on marketing and publicity.
  • reviving and improving my Arabic language skills
  • a blog, where I try to write at least every week or two
  • a podcast, Sources & Methods, where I interview interesting people doing interesting things together with Matt Trevithick
  • my health, after a long period of chronic illness of various kinds
  • my memory
  • a large archive project, which was recently in the news, called the Taliban Sources Project

[This page was an idea suggested by Derek Sivers, and it was last updated in October 2015.]