New Year, New Website

I've been silently feeling quite guilty over the past months for not posting more on my blog at the Frontline Club. This was a manifestation of my own busyness-cum-lazyness in combination with the very slow upload/back-end to the Frontline Club site. So I've set myself up here with a simple wordpress blog. For those of you who care, I'm using Ecto to post my entries (or the iPhone posting app), all on my dear and much loved MacBook Pro.

I've resolved to post more this year. I am frequently frustrated with articles in the media about Afghanistan (and other areas that I write on), so I'll respond to some of those. I'll post film and book reviews, not because you necessarily care, but because it helps me keep track of the things I'm reading.

From time to time I'll post on the software (and occasionally hardware) that I use almost every day to process and store information -- I'm a researcher/writer by profession -- as it's taken me a long time to come to terms with all the streams of writing that lay a claim to my attention, from RSS feeds, Facebook and Twitter to reports, books and emails.

In a few weeks I'll be posting from the road: Mullah Zaeef's My Life With The Taliban is finally going on sale (pre-order at here and at here). Felix and I will be travelling round the UK and USA in January, February and March. You can find a list of the public events we'll be participating in on the book website.