ISAF Press Release Word Clouds

...and we're back here again. I know I said I'd hold off on posting, but these charts will never make their way into the final report so I'll just put them up here. These are word clouds of the common terms used in sets of ISAF press releases.  As with all word clouds, the larger the word, the more times it occurs in the press releases for the particular period.  This first one covers the entire set (November 2009-May 1st, 2011):

The following images I split up the data into chunks. The first four months: (Nov 2009-Feb 2010 inclusive)

This covers March-June 2010 (inclusive:

This covers July-October 2010 (inclusive):

This covers November 2010-February 2011 (inclusive):

And this covers the last two months (March and April 2011):