Kukicha or Twig Tea


This week I discovered a new type of tea, and I’ve been enjoying it so much that I thought I’d write about it here. Kukicha tea, also known as ‘twig tea’ and bōcha, is a Japanese import. It is a cross between black and green tea, though more similar to the latter than the former.

Its advantage is the low amount of caffeine per cup. This is mainly because the tea seems to be a mixture of scraps, offcuts and stems that weren’t used in ‘real tea’ cultivation. The back of the box I bought states the average caffeine content per cup as follows:

—> Filter coffee: 120mg

—> Black tea: 60mg

—> Kukicha tea: <10mg

Given my sensitivity to green tea, this is a great alternative that gives some mental kick but doesn’t completely kick me over. I’ve since noted that Rishi Tea, my supplier of choice, also sells bags of kukicha, and I look forward to drinking more going forward.