'Fly Freely' - Afghan Women's Poetry

I'm going through our selection of poems written by young and old Talibs and remembered a different set of poems that I translated from the Dari a few years ago, those of Nadia Anjuman. I'll be republishing these poems online soon -- since the old website has lapsed and doesn't work any more -- but you can order the full printed version on the HAWCA website. It includes an essay written by Christina Lamb, the complete side-by-side English-Dari translation of Nadia Anjuman's book of poems as well as four stories written by victims of violence against women. This is one of my favourites among the collection: Fly Freely (2001)

On a day when my thoughts bring me firewood

as a gift instead of cold feelings

On a day when my eyes are wide open

As if

By seeing a withered leaf, oceans would flow

On a day when my hands are inspired

to weave clothes full of wheat and roses

for the body of this creation

On a day when my lullaby can

grant sleep to the eyes of the sick and street-bound children

On a day when with soaring melodies


to the fire spirits

On that day,

I will write a poem, a great romance

sweet as a palm tree and as enchanting as the moon.