Taskpaper --> Omnifocus

This is a neat trick for anyone who happens to use both Taskpaper and Omnifocus apps. I think this has probably been there for a long time, but I heard Gabe Weatherhead talking about it on the latest Mac Power Users podcast. (Read more of Gabe's writings on Taskpaper if you're interested in a deep dive).

I'll assume you know something about the Taskpaper syntax. This video explains more in case you're lost already. The Taskpaper syntax and .tp extension is useful because I can write lists of projects and things to do in Drafts on iOS without having to mess around with apps and ticking boxes and so on.

The trick which Gabe explained relates to getting hierarchically sorted task lists from Taskpaper into Omnifocus. It's as simple as copy-->paste. So I can go from something complicated in Taskpaper like this:

to a set of tasks like this in Omnifocus:

It's a great tip, and a great time-saver.